Dilbert and Dawg

Dilbert & Dog's favorite things

Dilbert's Message To You
Dawg and I saw a pterosaur leg sticking out of the dirt in my back yard. Grandma thought that was amazing. That night we had peanut butter sandwiches for dinner because Grandma said the chicken disappeared. She asked me if I saw it. I said, "Maybe I didn't." When she asked where I saw the pterosaur leg was I said, "I don't think I remember." Then she said we would find it tomorrow - together! I am not sure I want to! It is kind of a secret. Do you have any secrets?

Things you might like to know about Dilbert
If there is anything to worry about Dilbert will do the worrying. Big sounds like thunder and little sounds like someone chewing carrots give him a headache. Dog and Dilbert like to play in the deep, dark forest where it is quiet and peaceful.

Dilbert's favorite books
The Quiet Book by Renata Liwska and How Much Is A Million? by David M. Schwartz

Grandma's favorite quote about honesty
"Telling the truth takes practice and builds courage." ~Anonymous


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