BORDER STATIONERY Clipart Monthly Themes (Karen's Kids Clipart)
BORDER STATIONERY Clipart Monthly Themes (Karen's Kids Clipart)

BORDER STATIONERY Clipart Monthly Themes (Karen's Kids Clipart)

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Colorful clip art borders decorate each month with vivid colors, whimsical kids, and images that highlight that month. Your flyers, activity pages, letters, and projects are sure to generate smiles with these animated kids and seasonal themes.

You can reduce these clipart images to create coupons, awards, signs, labels, and more.  There are two versions of this set. One version includes 12 different monthly themed borders with the name of the month at the top. The second set includes 12 borders without the name of the month. The borders without monthly names allow you to add your own titles or headings.


12 images include the name of the month.

12 images include the border only without the name of the month. Add your own headers to this set.

  • January: Snowflakes are falling and two friends are making snowballs.
  • February: Love is in the air and valentines are everywhere. Two kids hold large valentines.
  • March: Clovers and four little leprechauns decorate this page.
  • April: April showers and spring raindrops are falling on a child in a puddle with an umbrella.
  • May: April showers bring May flowers and a few ladybugs too.
  • June: Sunken treasure, seaweed and a little diver border June’s page.
  • July: Red, white and blue stars announce the arrival of July.
  • August: It is the middle of summer and kids are relaxing on the pier.
  • September: School begins and two children are reading their favorite books.
  • October: Pumpkins, candy corn and a scarecrow decorate this page.
  • November: A row of 7 children dressed and ready for their Thanksgiving celebration.
  • December: Snow is falling and kids are bundled up for a day of ice skating.

Add giggles, whimsy and character to all your communications and teaching resources with a potpourri of creative seasonal images that border each page.

The advantage of clipart is that you can enlarge and reduce the images allowing you to make large signs or small items like personalized notecards. 

Why Teachers Use Them

What can you create with these delightful bordered papers?
How about seasonal signs for your classroom, colorful creative writing forms, awesome activity templates, sensational stationery, fabulous fliers, nifty newsletters, back-to-school welcome notes, and tons more.
Create exactly what you need.
Easy to create, print and use.
Make your own templates for organizing, teaching, communicating and decorating.
You will never run out of your product.
Ready to print anytime, anyplace.         


If you prefer READY to PRINT borders or if you like to create your own layouts with CLIP ART see the fun selection we have for you.

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Hello and Welcome,

Whether you DIY with clip art or you prefer ready to use - WELCOME! Karen’s Kids products are decorated with with band aids, untied shoes, and sticky fingers. Karen’s Kids products are created for teachers and parents by a mom, grandma, and teacher. I hope Karen’s Kids printables and ready-to-use will be as much fun for you to use as they are for me to create. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have about your product.

Karen Frandsen

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