Kindergarten Read Write Color Book (Karen's Kids Printables)
Kindergarten Read Write Color Book (Karen's Kids Printables)

Kindergarten Read Write Color Book (Karen's Kids Printables)

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I GO TO SCHOOL  is a reading, writing, coloring book for budding readers who are starting school.  Children take part in writing a story about their first day at school by filling in simple words that complete a sentence. The 24+ pages include kindergarten sight words and new words with picture clues that will help them decode new vocabulary. There is a teacher edition and a student edition both ready to print and use.

Children enjoy reading their stories and sharing their pictures with their parents and classmates.


There are 24 kindergarten sight words and 32 other words that are commonly used by this age group.  


Children take part in writing about their day at school by filling in 15 spaces with words that reflect their experiences during the day.


A set of flashcards includes all the words in the I GO TO SCHOOL coloring book.  You might have kids add pictures to the flashcards to help them remember and recognize the words.  Print the word cards on card stock.  Cutting lines are provided. Cut the cards apart, punch a hole in the corner and store them on a ring.   Kindergarten sight word cards have the letters SW in the corner.  Kids can monitor their progress by adding tally marks to the back of the cards that they can read.


Some of the standards listed below can be fulfilled by asking questions and/or guiding students in a specific activity or action stated in the standard.  For example, if a student is asked to identify the setting and the character in an illustration he/she will be fulling RL.K.3

Standards:  RL.K.1, 3, 4,  7,  10 /  RL.K.1, 2, 3 / RF.K.1-3 / SL.K.1, 3, 4