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Free CLIP ART of the Month

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JULY is here already!  With the new distance learning requirements, it is more important than ever to have motivating activities that make learning exciting for kids... AND clipart is a tool that you can use to create all kinds of fun learning activities.  Find out how to use your clipart to make puppets, cards, wall decor, party decorations, all kinds of crafts and more!  Find out how to use clipart to create, teach, decorate, and organize.  

We can let you know when the new clipart is ready next month too.  Sign up here.

This month's clipart freebie, 4 SCHOOL KIDS, includes a full-color image and a black line drawing. The images are 300 dpi with a transparent (png) background.  Enlarge, reduce, or reflect the images.  The transparent background allows you to overlap images or place on colored or patterned paper. 

4 School Kids images are from Karen's Kids MORE KIDS clip art set. 

(Set your calendar for August 1st to download a new clipart freebie.)

DIY with clipart:  Karen's Kids Clipart Crafts and Creations Blog.

©Karen's Kids copyrighted images are for personal and classroom use by the purchaser only.

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