Shamrock Shenanigans games for kids, Play a Game, invent a game.
Samples of games kids can play in March: 4 game boards, record tally page, invent your own game board and directions.
PLAY A GAME MAKE A GAME  Freebie (Karen's Kids  Printables)

PLAY A GAME MAKE A GAME Freebie (Karen's Kids Printables)

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It is time for Shenanigans! This kit provides ready-to-use worksheets with Shamrock-themed math and number games and activity pages prompting kids to invent their own games. The games can be adapted for use in Kindergarten through grade 4. The INVENT YOUR OWN GAME worksheets can be used at any age.

Create a simple MARCH GAMES CENTER that includes the Shamrock Shenanigans game boards and materials for inventing games. The materials used in the games can be found in every home and classroom. This is a fun and easy way to celebrate March and St. Patrick’s Day.

Early Finishers

Shamrock Shenanigans math game boards are perfect for early finishers or St. Patrick’s Day activities.

What is included:

    Pre-K - Grade 1 Students roll a dice, write a number, collect GOLD and place their pieces on the game board. Simple directions make it easy for students to play the game and practice number recognition, writing numbers and recording their results. Volunteers (students or adults) can help kids read directions.


    K - Grade 4 Using 2 markers students land on 2 numbers. A symbol spinner or die will determine how they solve a problem using those numbers. The symbols used (+, -, x, ÷, <, >) will be determined by skill level or grade level.


    1 - Grade 4 Students roll a die and move that number of spaces. The number in the circle they land on is recorded on the record sheet. At the end of the game, students add the numbers listed and record the total. This game board includes 1,2 and 3 digit numbers. Use the blank game board to create a game with numbers that fit your grade level or skill levels of students in your classroom (single digits, double digits, negative numbers, etc.).


  • INVENT A GAME (Game Board)
    A blank game board is ready for kids to add illustrations, numbers, words or symbols. The record sheet can be used or they can create their own method of record-keeping


  • INVENTOR’S PAGE (Worksheet)
    This page is set up with prompts that help students determine the materials needed in their game, the object of the game, game name, directions and more.


    The tally page helps students keep track of turns, scores and other data related to the game they are playing.


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