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Single User Commercial License

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Single User COMMERCIAL LICENSE Agreement
Welcome to the world of Karen's Kids


By purchasing a license you agree that you have read and agree to all the terms and conditions contained within the license agreement.


A Single User License Agreement allows a single individual to use Karen's Kids copyrighted clip art illustrations to create products that can be sold, according to the terms listed below. 

The License is between the licensee (the purchaser) and the Licensor (Karen Frandsen of Karen’s Kids Studio). The license and the images may not be shared, transferred, sold, loaned or distributed. The copyrighted images remain the property of Karen Frandsen. *This license does not apply to publishers, manufacturers or mass production.



1. Legal Notes Regarding Use
2. Personal, Non-Profit and Classroom Use
3. Single-User Commercial Use
4. Samples of Selling Sites
5. Term of Use
6. Restrictions (uses not allowed)
7. Copyright and Credit

8. Additional Notes

1. LEGAL NOTES Regarding Use

Karen’s Kids Single User Commercial License allows the purchaser to develop “Derivative Designs” that include Karen’s Kids Images as an incidental part of a product they create and sell for profit. A Derivative Design is a creation (your product) that includes copyright-protected elements (Karen’s Kids illustrations).


Licensee may not resell, share or distribute the Karen’s Kids clip art illustrations.

Karen’s Kids illustrations may not be used on the Internet in their original form, nor on items where they are the major component of the design like rubber stamps or stickers, etc..


Karen’s Kids character designs and illustrations remain the property of Karen’s Kids Studio and are protected by United States copyright law.

*This license does not extend to publishers, large corporations or mass production.




A license is not required for most personal, non-profit, classroom use. Examples of personal, non-profit, classroom uses allowed include: . cards . invitations . crafts . printable classroom items . room decorations . flyers . newsletters . scrapbooks . bulletin boards . decorations . games . posters



The individual who purchases the License may use the images they purchased for inclusion in “Derivative Designs” they personally develop. A Derivative Design is an expressive creation that includes copyright-protected elements of an original, previously created first work (Karen’s Kids images). Derivative Designs may be sold and distributed on sites owned by the purchaser of the license (your blog, your store, etc..). Derivative Designs can only be sold through a site that sells to the end-user. The illustrations may be used as an incidental part (not the main component) of the following:


. Activities, lessons, worksheets, games

. Part of a collection, self-published work or a kit (not the main component)

. Smart Board and Power Point usage (images must be flattened into the back ground - no loose files please).

. Crafts (as long as it is a minor element and not the main part of the project). . PDF files: All Images must be SECURED in PDF files.

. Content images (images of the “Derivative Designs” but not Karen’s Kids images individually) may be used in Licensee’s Web, or blog, or selling venue. Karen’s Kids graphics, the “Images” may not be posted on a network, modem, Internet, nor webpage in their original form.

. Images must be protected when used in product development: flattened, reduced image size, etc.

. Commercial credit is required on all items (free and sold)

Please read COPYRIGHT and CREDIT for specific guidelines.

. Teachers Pay Teachers
.  Etsy
. Teachers Notebook
. Personal Websites
. Personal Blogs


The term of this License is for the lifetime of the purchaser and for as long as the terms and conditions of this agreement have been met.

6. RESTRICTIONS: Images may NOT be used for the following:

. May not be shared, nor re-distributed in their original format. The Copyrighted illustrations are design tools/components only.
. May not sell, share, loan, rent, redistribute, resell, nor transfer Karen’s Kids illustrations.
. Internet: May not post images anywhere including, but not limited to, a network, modem, Internet or web page in their original format
. May not use images on any computers other than those of the purchaser. . May not be used in business logos
. May not be used as part of a scrapbook kit, embroidery design, rubber stamp, SVG cutting files, stickers, or any product where the image is the main part of the project
. May not be used for T-shirts, clothing or similar items (See School Use License)
 . May not be used for digital backgrounds, websites, blog templates
. May not be used for such things as iPhones, Ipads, Tablets, apps
. May not edit or change the images excepting for enlarging and reducing
. May not be used for coloring pages or any items where the image is the main component of the project
. May not be used for Online presentations
. May not be used for obscene, defamatory, libelous or immoral works or for any other purpose which is prohibited by law



Commercial credit is required on ALL products and product



You must include a *clickable link back to Karens Kids Store by linking to Karen’s Kids Brand Button included in the file. A credit page might work best.


You must include a *clickable link back to Karens Kids Store by linking to Karen’s Kids Brand Button included in the file.
*Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about clickable links and credit. There may be some areas in your document where the following clickable text would be a better fit:
Images are licensed from Karen’s Kids Studio



All product descriptions must include a clickable link back to Karens Kids Store by linking to Karen’s Kids Brand Button included in the file.

By purchasing this license you agree that you have read and agree to all the terms and conditions contained within this license agreement.



Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions about a license and /or use of the images.
This license agreement supersedes the copyright and use agreements enclosed in each of Karen’s Kids clip art sets.