Sample of a Hugs by Mail card made with clipart. Card says, 'To Grandma. OPEN.'

Hugs by Mail

Hug by Mail card sample with boy in blue hat, glasses. To Grandma. Open.

 Who doesn't love getting mail the old fashioned way - in the mailbox?  During this time, we all miss the people we love. We miss hugging our grandparents, our friends, and our family members but we can still find creative ways to stay connected.

Everyone loves getting mail and reading the personal messages that they contain. Sending a hug along with your message will go a long way to making loved ones feel extra special. I created a HUGS BY MAIL card-making activity that you can easily do with your kids using materials you already have. 


  • card stock letter size
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • colors
  • glue

I prepared the main card, head and hands ahead of time and had a set ready for each of the younger kids.

Main Card 

Image of a Hug by Mail card showing fold lines and where to glue the head.

To create the main part of the card, cut out a rectangle about 8 inches wide by 3 inches high.  Make a fold 3 inches in on each side. This is the main part of the card that all other pieces will be glued to.

Head and hands

To create the head cut a head shape or a plain circle about 3 1//4 inches in diameter.

Sample of head shapes for Hugs by Mail cards.

Draw 2 simple hands.  Make them about 3 inches, almost as wide as the card is high. 

Sample of hands showing size and shape.

Decorate faces

Samples of heads with hats, glasses, bandaids and hair for Hugs by Mail cards.

Kids can decorate their faces by drawing or cutting out eyes, nose, mouth, glasses, freckles, bandaids, etc.. They can cut out hair, ears, hats, or bows, anything that makes them look like their own unique selves.

Get the hands ready for hugging

Samples of hands with fingernails, rings, bandaids for Hugs by Mail cards.

Color the hands and add any details you wish to the outside of the hands: fingernails, bandaids, polish. Color the inside of the hands but do not draw fingernails.

Glue in place

Glue the head to the center of the card about 1/2 inch from the top.

Sample of Hugs by Mail card with the head glued in place and fold lines.

Glue the hands (plain hands) to the inside of the card, thumbs pointing up.

Sample of Hugs by Mail card with head and hands glued in place.

Decorate the card outside and inside

Sample of completed card, folded with message on the outside.

Add words and/or decorations to the outside of the card and the inside of the card.

Sample of finished Hug by Mail card showing message on the inside.

 Ready to Use Activity?

Image of Ready to Use Printable showing samples of templates.

If you would like to download the printable (ready-to-use and free) templates, please be my guest.  They are available here.


Have fun creating with clipart.  Please let me know if you have any questions. 
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