Licensing, Copyright and Use Information

Welcome to the world of Karen's Kids. 

You probably recognize these kids.  They step in puddles, track mud in the house, sing, cry, giggle and talk to their toys.

Karen's Kids are hand drawn by Karen Frandsen. Karen creates instructional materials, products and books incorporating the images she draws.  Each product includes copyright and use information for the purchaser.


The purchaser of Karen's Kids products my use the products they purchase for their own internal, personal and classroom use. Products may be downloaded to one computer.  The purchaser may create projects, activity pages, decorations and crafts for their own use.  The purchaser may NOT use Karen's Kids products for commercial use, nor  sell Karen's Kids products, or the items they are used on or in. 


If you are a teacher, crafter or creator - join the club!  Karen's Kids has a Single User Commercial License for use by a single individual who might want to use Karen's Kids images in a product they wish to sell on sites owned by the purchaser of the license.  Samples of selling sites might include Teachers Pay Teachers, Etsy, Teachers Notebook, Personal Websites, Personal Blogs.  Click to VIEW.

SCHOOL SITE - SINGLE SITE LICENSE ( Public,Private, Catholic Schools)

A School-Site Commercial License Agreement allows a single-site organization to use Karen’s Kids copyrighted clip art illustrations to create business cards, signs, flyers, t-shirts, advertisements and website use for a single site, according to the terms listed in the School-Site Commercial License Agreement.  Click to VIEW.


If you are a manufacturer, group or organization and if you have a question about use of Karen's Kids illustrations on a product or project - wonderful - we would love to chat! 

Let us know about your ideas and projects. Please contact Karen Frandsen: