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Karen's Kids clip art image with 6 kids in color.

If your kids, like my kids have muddy feet, sticky fingers, bandaids, giggles and untied shoes...then you will recognize these kids.

Meet the kids
  • Five kids painting pictures.  Full color.

If you are a parent or teacher you create, teach, decorate, and organize all day long and that's why I created clip art and editable ready-to-use printables - to make life easier, more affordable, and fun! You will recognize these kids, they step in puddles, track mud in the house, sing, giggle, and talk to their toys. They have bandaids, untied shoes, and sticky fingers. You don't have to dress them, feed them or tuck them in at night - that's my job, they are just here to help you create, decorate, organize, and communicate. Have a cup of tea and let the fun begin.

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