Downloading Digital Products and Zipped Files


1) DOWNLOAD IMMEDIATELY:  After you make a purchase you will see a confirmation page with a rotating button:

When the button stops rotating (moments) you will see a DOWNLOAD NOW button.  Click it to download your products.




2)  DOWNLOAD FROM YOUR EMAIL:  You will also receive a download notification email from Karen's Kids store and/or PayPal.  Click the View your order to see, and download your  products from the email (see below):



First, check your spam or junk inbox. If you use Gmail, also check your Social and Promotions tabs.

Check your downloads folder and look for the product name and/or type the name of one of the products in your computer's search bar.

For now, you can still get to your file using the directions below.


I’m having trouble downloading my files.

If nothing happens when you click the download links, it’s possible that there’s an issue with your web browser. Please disable any non-standard add-ons or toolbars that you’ve installed and try again.

If your computer states that the file has been corrupted, delete the file and try downloading it again. If you still can't open the file, please contact us for further assistance:  Karen's Kids Studio Contact Us


Zipped Files

See the zipper? A zip file is a compressed file. A zip file contains one or more files that have been compressed to reduce the size of the file. Once you double-click on that file or folder, it should open just as if it were a regular file or folder on your computer. 

For PC users:

  1. Find the folder you want to unzip. Right click on it and select “Extract All.”
  1. In the “Select a File and Destination” window, click “browse” to choose where the unzipped files should be stored. By default, Windows unzips compressed files to their original location.
  1. Click “Extract” to unzip the files. Depending on how many files are present and the overall size of the folder, you might have to wait a few minutes for the process to complete. When finished, your files should be uncompressed and ready to use

For MAC users:

The zipped file may be in your “downloads file” in the hard drive or on your desktop. Click the zip icon (the image with the zipper) and the file unzips and appears as a regular file with the product name below.


If you continue to have trouble...

If you continue to have trouble, please contact Karen's Kids Studio Contact Us