Meet the Kids

You might recognize some of these kids.  They step in puddles, track mud in the house, sing, giggle and talk to their toys.  They collect string, and bugs and dinosaur bones.  They are pirates, mermaids, storytellers and explorers.  They are the kids in your class, your home, down the street and from all around the world and this is their story. 

GeorgiaBea (Artist)

GeorgiaBea paints...on walls, clothes, people and sometimes on paper. She talks to herself, is seldom on time ... and can you guess her favorite color?

Sneakers (Pirate)

Sneakers became a pirate at age 2. He is a tree climber, hole digger, and treasure hunter. Mud is his favorite color. His spyglass is his favorite toy.


Pickleberry (Book Lover)

Pickleberry quotes Shakespeare and Winnie the Pooh. At bedtime she reads stories to Washrag Girl and the monster in her closet.


Dilbert (Philosopher)

Dilbert and his dog, Dawg, are serious about thinking and when they are thinking, which is most of the time, they need lots of peace and quiet.


Cricket (Entomologist)

Studying bugs is not just a hobby for Cricket; she is a serious bug lover who cares for injured insects and bugs. Her bug hospital is fully equipped!


Captain (Oceanographer)

Cap collects fish bones, seaweed and ocean specimens. He is building an aquarium in his backyard and searches for mermaids in his spare time.


Spunky (Orator)

To Spunky life is all about taking action. Her favorite thing to do is talk, correct and teach. She might be President one day.


Peanut (Performer)

Although she has never had a lesson in her life, Peanut sings, dances and performs her own plays. Her performances are truly one-of-a-kind!


Dawg and Washrag Girl

Dawg is Dilbert's dog. Dawg and Dilbert are best buddies.

Washrag Girl is Pickleberrie's doll. They've been together since birth.