Digital Stamps

Karen’s Kids digital stamps are original, hand-drawn images created by Karen Frandsen. The illustrations are scanned and saved at a high resolution.  Insert them into a word processing program, print them from your computer. When you print the image it is the same as the image created by placing a rubberized stamp in ink and stamping that image on paper. Digital stamps can be colored and used on cards and in scrapbooks, crafts, decorations and even 3 dimensional cards, gift tags and other paper crafts.

Use the illustrations in your hand-made and hand-colored projects. Purchase of the images allows to purchaser to use the images for personal, non-profit use. Images may not be redistributed or published, copied, lent, duplicated, shared, swapped, resold or put on line excepting for demonstrating a finished product. (See Single-User Licenses for Commercial Use.)

It is so easy to add digital stamps to your word processing program and print them out from your own printer. Coloring your digital images and watching them come to life is fun and rewarding. If you are a rubber stamp enthusiast you will soon realize the benefits of using digital stamps.
. easily enlarged, reduce and reflect images without loss quality and clarity
. save money - purchase your image once - they never wear out
. birthday cards are costly and your personalized greetings are priceless
. store digital stamps on your computer and use them over and over again
. overlap images and even place images on top of photos or patterned paper for special effects
. create party decorations and invites to fit your theme
. perfect for family and friend craft-get-togethers.

. a computer
. a word processing program
. a digital stamp


Are Karen’s Kids images copyrighted?

YES. When you purchase a Karen’s Kids image, clip art or digital stamp, you (the purchaser) are purchasing a LICENSE to use the copyrighted product for your own personal use. Karen’s Kids images and products cannot be sold, traded, shared, lent or used on any items that are sold, traded, or shared, nor can they be downloaded to the internet.

Please email me (Karen) with licensing questions: To see the full copyright and use information CLICK HERE.

Please keep the copyright notice visible on illustrations (©Karen Frandsen or ©KGF) MERGED IMAGES:  Excepting for patterned paper and photographs, Karen’s Kids images can only be merged with other Karen’s Kids images.

How do I use the images in a word processing program?

Use any program that accepts PNG images. Open your page and follow the guidelines for ‘inserting’ an image, resizing, overlaying images, manipulating images and then printing your project.


After printing your image the fun begins.

Color and embellish, just like you would any rubber stamp print, using colored pencils, chalks and markers to bring your images to life. The ink in your printer may be water based and some markers may cause the water based ink to smear. Use alcohol based markers to prevent this from happening. Experiment with combinations of media - colored pencils, chalks and ink. I’ve seen some pretty amazing effects. Create 3D designs, pop-up cards, spinning party decorations and more!


Return Policy

If you placed an order for a digital product and if you have not downloaded your digital product Karen’s Kids can void that order. There are no refunds on digital files that have been downloaded. Questions? If you have any questions at all, I will do my best to answer them. Contact me at



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