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Characterization Worksheet

Characterization Worksheet

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This Characterization Worksheet is a fun way to develop a character students are going to write about, or to describe characters, real or fictional, from novels, short stories, or plays. This PDF file has writing bubbles with prompts that encourage students to think about a character and describe it.

See Karen's Kids Personal Posters and Activity Posters for creative writing ready-to-use printables. 


Use clipart characters to motive kids to write. Enlarge people, animals or object clipart images. Print them on cardstock. Use black and white clipart images so students can personalize them (glasses, freckles, bandaids,etc.). They cut them out and glue them to tubes so they stand up while they are writing about their character. After they fill in their characterization worksheet students write their stories about their personalized character...and they are amazing! The puppet in the sample can be found here.

Extension activities for students who want to develop the character:

  • write a narrative from the puppet's point of view: Three wishes in my life...
  • Write a paragraph that paints a picture of the character
  • Illustrate a day in the life of the character
  • Write a poem about your character


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