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Thank you for your interest in Karen's Kids Products and Digital Clip Art for use at your school site and on your password protected school site websites.  You may recognize these kids.  They live in your home, down the street and across the globe.  They step in puddles, track mud in the house, sing, cry, giggle and talk to their toys...and now they are ready to decorate your projects.   

With the purchase of one Karen's Kids Clipart Set  or one Printable Product PLUS a School Site Terms of Use Agreement the entire school site including staff, students, volunteers and school labs are allowed to use that product or clip art set for non-profit, non-commercial use in classrooms and for school wide projects including fundraising and use on school site websites Please read the Terms of Use carefully. 

The cost of a School Site Terms of Use Agreement is $100.00.

Karen’s Kids products and digital clip art designs and illustrations are the creative property of Karen Frandsen of Karen’s Kids Studio and are protected by United States copyright law. 


1. Legal Notes Regarding Use
2. School Site Responsibilities
3. School Site Website Use
4. Restrictions
5. Term of Use
6. Copyright and Credit


1. LEGAL NOTES Regarding Use for Clip Art
  • This Agreement allows the purchaser to download Karen's Kids Clipart sets to their school computers and/or school network lab for use on projects for that school-site. Sites must be password protected and not available to the public.

  • The purchaser may not resell, share or distribute Karen’s Kids Images nor the items that the Images appear on or in to anyone other than the teachers, staff, employees and parents at that school site.

  • Teachers, staff, employees and volunteers at that site my use the images in projects for that school site only.

  • Images can be downloaded to school site computers only.  Individuals must purchase their own sets of clipart for use on personal computers.


After purchase, the product set or the clip art set may be downloaded to school-site computers or school network labs that are password protect for use by teachers, staff and volunteers as follows:

  • PDF files: All Images must be SECURED in PDF files.

  • Karen’s Kids graphics, may not be posted on a network, modem, Internet, nor web page in their original form excepting as specified in this document.

  • Images must be protected when used in flyers or communications:  flattened, reduced image size, etc.

  • Excepting for enlarging or reducing the images, users may not change, distort or alter images in any way.

The school site may use Karen’s Kids clip art set on school site websites and teacher websites at that school site according to the conditions listed below:
  • Images must be reduced in size and protected so they cannot be ‘pulled’ or downloaded from the internet. Use a watermark, reduce resolution, include copy right notice.

  • The following notice must appear on all website pages containing the images as follows:
             Karen’s Kids Graphics used by permission of Karen’s Kids Studio

  • Excepting for enlarging or reducing the images, the images may not be changed, distorted or altered in any way

  • Websites on which the images appear may not be transferred unless Karen's Kids images are removed.
  • School site websites and teacher websites in which the images appear must be password protected and not available to the public.

Karen's Kids Clipart sets and School Site Terms of Use agreements may not be sold, transferred or shared.
The images may not be used commercially on such things as logos, letter heads, websites, business cards or any commercial-business identifying products other than what is specified in this agreement.
  • May not sell, share, loan, rent, redistribute, resell, nor transfer Karen’s Kids Clipart sets or Terms of Use Agreements

  • May not use images on any computers other than those specified in this agreement

  • May not use images as part of a scrapbook kit, embroidery design, rubber  stamp, SVG cutting files, stickers, or any product where the image is the main part of the project, excepting as specified in this License

  • May not be used for digital backgrounds, websites or blog templates
  • May not be used for such things as iPhones, Ipads, Tablets, apps

  • May not edit or change the images excepting for enlarging and reducing the images

  • May not be used for coloring pages or any items where the image is the main component of the project except as specified in this agreement

  • May not be used for Online presentations 

  • May not be used for obscene, defamatory, libelous or immoral works or for any other purpose which is prohibited by law
The term of this License is for the lifetime of the purchaser and for as long as the terms and conditions of this agreement have been met.

Commercial credit is required on ALL products and product descriptions.
School Websites and Teacher Websites must include the following:
  Karen’s Kids Graphics used by permission of Karen’s Kids Studio

NOTES: Please contact us with any questions about this agreement and/or use of the images.

This license agreement supersedes the copyright and use agreements enclosed in each of Karen’s Kids clip art sets.  By purchasing this agreement you acknowledge that you have read and agree to all the terms and conditions contained within this license agreement.