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Clipart Classroom Kids Clipart (Karen's Kids Clipart)

Clipart Classroom Kids Clipart (Karen's Kids Clipart)

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CLASSROOM KIDS CLIP ART SET (58 images: 29 png color, 29 png black white). Just like the kids in you classroom and home Classroom Kids are lining up, working at a computer, reading, thinking, listening, playing and doing things you do in a classroom.

I added a row of kids that you can use as a header, called OUR CLASS. Add the header to your communications, and then you can add individual images from this set to accent the main points in your project.

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FUN TIP: Use the row-of-kids header on bulletin boards (you can enlarge it) and then add images from this set to highlight kids' work or titles, names, or key words on the board.


All images come in color and black and white (29 PNG color images and 29 PNG black white)

Our Class (9 kids of every kind in a row)
A Good Book
About to Write
Alphabet Block
Apple for Teacher
Best Friends Playing
Board Work
Bunches of Books
Computer Work 2
Computer Work
Desk Work
I’m Ready
Is it Snack Time?
Let’s Go (Boy)
Let’s Go (Girl)
Library Books
Lining Up
Listening Question
Reaching for the Stars
Reading Time
That One
This Big
What to Write About

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