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FUN STUFF Lunchbox Notes_Desk Grams Printables

FUN STUFF Lunchbox Notes_Desk Grams Printables

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These handy cards have hundreds of uses from desk grams to lunch box notes, from pillow messages and pocket notes to breakfast hellos. No matter where you place them…when they are found they are sure to bring a smile to the receiver. Perfect for anyone who likes sending a little extra love (and lots of laughs) to special people in their lives. Print out some extras at the beginning of the year for quick and handy recognition at a moments notice.

Fill everyday with a smile. 28 printable pages of compliments, encouragement and riddles; 11 printable pages with 41 different messages; 17 pages with 102 full color cards for you to type in your own riddles, encouragement or compliments.


Downloadable and ready to print and use

Formats:  Editable PDF and Powerpoint

Print on card stock 8.5 X 11 inches

File Type:  Compressed Zip File    File Size:  70 MB

Be sure that you have an application to open this file type before downloading and/or purchasing.
Desk Grams set includes 28 printable pages with 168 full color cards.
Pages with 6 different message cards.

Page 1_DeskGrams_Character Messages Variety
. Citizenship
. Respect
. Responsibility
. Perseverance
. Fairness
. Trustworthiness

Page 2_DeskGrams_Variety
. A friend is someone
. Reach for the stars
. Congratulations
. Wonderful day
. Excellent Job
. You can find magic...
Page 3_DeskGrams_Variety
. You are awesome
. Have a great day
. You are my #1
. One in a million
. Can’t wait to see you
Page 4_DeskGrams_Variety
. No one else on earth
. Have a sweet day
. So proud of you
. Thinking about you
. More stars and planets
. You have BRAINS (Dr. Seuss)

Page 5_DeskGrams_Variety
. Congratulations
. Thank you (cooperation)
. Thank you (Great Job)
. Congratulations (accomplishing goals)
. Wow Terrific super
. Words that describe you
Page 6_DeskGrams_Variety
. Am I mission anything
. When is a mile not a mile
. What is the happiest letter
. I love you more than A-Z
. G. I. miss U. Y?
. I am first in earth...
Pages with 6 of the same cards
Page 7_ Congratulations I am very proud of you!
Page 8_ Thank you for being so considerate, helpful and kindhearted
Page 9_ Thank You for your Hard Work, Cooperation, Dependability Page10_Here are some words that describe YOU (Kind, Friendly, Fair, Helpful, Dependable, Honest)

A few more ideas for these versatile cards: . Memory Cards . Desk Encouragers . Lay on Party Plates . Pocket Surprises . Lay on a Pillow . Attach to a Door . Hide and Find . Tooth fairy Messages . Punch Holes and Attach to a Ring

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