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Calendar FREEbie for MAY (Karen's Kids Printables)

Calendar FREEbie for MAY (Karen's Kids Printables)

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Editable calendars for adults and kids make it easy to create exactly what you want.  Just open the page, type your message, and print.  Or print out first and handwrite notes and schedules.

Fun and easy for kids to use too.


  • Schedules (of course)
  • Summarize the day calendars
  • Take notes during lessons
  • Make WORD FOR THE DAY calendars
  • Birthday calendars
  • Calendars to share with parents
  • Kids make their own calendar schedules
  • Question of the Day calendars
  • Math Problem a Day calendars
  • Trivia calendars
  • Holidays and celebrations calendars
  • Quick Write calendars And MORE...    

YOU can create your own CALENDAR FUN with Karen's Kids editable calendars.  Here are a few sets you can use to design your own fun projects:


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