Clip Art BACK TO SCHOOL MEGA BUNDLE samples; Back to School Kids, Back to School Welcome Signs, Fall Clipart, School Days Clipart, School Events clip art (Karen's Kids Clipart)


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237 back-to-school clip art kids with backpacks, kids riding the bus, raising their hands, walking to school, pencils, glue bottles, apples, scissors, kids working singly and in groups, desks and chairs, bus, kids with lunch bags, magnifying glass, kids with blank signs for your word or message and more. Lots of primary colors.

We combined 5 sets of back to school clip art in this big collection.  237 images (136 color images for flyers, decorating and communicating and 101 black/white for activities and coloring worksheets. The same images are included in both PNG and JPG formats.

Use this bundle to decorate your back to school welcome letters and enlarge for Welcome-Back-to-School bulletin boards, create cute cubby labels and desk-name-labels. Laminate signs and labels that you use to decorate and organize your supplies.


39 color images, 14 black/white images, PNG and JPG formats

  • Pencil Boy (Color and Black/White)
  • Pencil Girl (Color and Black/White)
  • Raise Your Hand (Color and Black/White)
  • Apple Girl with Backpack (Color and Black/White)
  • Backpack and Papers Boy (Color and Black/White)
  • Backpack and Papers Girl (Color and Black/White)
  • Big Apple (Color and Black/White)
  • Book Open Pages (Color and Black/White)
  • Books Blue (Color and Black/White)
  • Books Green Books Red
  • Books Stack
  • Books Yellow
  • Brush Blue (Color and Black/White)
  • Brush Green
  • Brush Orange
  • Brush Purple
  • Brush Red
  • Brush Yellow
  • Color Blue (Color and Black/White)
  • Color Green
  • Color Orange
  • Color Purple
  • Color Red
  • Color Yellow
  • Glue Bottle Blue (Color and Black/White)
  • Glue Bottle Green
  • Glue Bottle Orange
  • Glue Bottle Purple
  • Glue Bottle Red
  • Glue Bottle Yellow
  • Pencil 1 (Fat Red Pencil) (Color and Black/White)
  • Pencil 2 (Yellow # 2 pencil) (Color and Black/White)
  • Pencil 3 (Fat Green Pencil)
  • Pencil Border (Transparent outside)
  • Pencil Border (Transparent outside and inside)
  • Pencil Header
  • Scissors (Color and Black/White)
  • Supplies ( Horizontal border)


8 color images, PNG and JPG formats

The images in this set can be used for door signs, headers on a back to school letters, individual desk notes, magnets (print on card stock, cut out, laminate or Mod Podge and glue to a magnet). This set is full color. No black/white images)

  • Welcome Back Kids 1 (Kids painting a WELCOME BACK sign)
  • Welcome Back Kids 2 (12 kids each holding a letter that spells WELCOME BACK)
  • Welcome Back Kids 3 (2 kids, with hands raised standing beside a WELCOME BACK sign)
  • Welcome Apple
  • Learn Play Grow Sign
  • Welcome Back Kids (4 children holding a WELCOME BACK sign with fun images)
  • Welcome Back Kids (4 children holding a WELCOME BACK sign plain)



41 color images, 39 black/white images, PNG and JPG formats)

  • Apple Kids
  • Apples Galore
  • Autumn Kids
  • Back to School Text
  • Back to School with Pumpkins
  • Kids Holding Blank Sign
  • Back to School Treat (ice cream)
  • Back to School Words on Red Wagon
  • Big Colors
  • Book Shelf
  • Book Worm
  • Kids Reading Big Book
  • Colors and Kids (color only)
  • Columbus
  • Fall Border/Stationery
  • Fall Kids
  • Fall Text with Leaves
  • Fall Boy in Tree
  • Falling Leaves Boy
  • Falling Leaves Girl
  • Getting Ready for School
  • Hooray 2
  • Hooray
  • Jump for Joy (Color Only)
  • Let’s Go
  • October Kids
  • Pledge
  • Pumpkin Kids
  • Pumpkin Row
  • Reading
  • Ready for School
  • Cute Scarecrow
  • School is Fun
  • Sign with Two Kids
  • Spider Web
  • Swing Into Fall
  • Tick Tock
  • Umbrella
  • Wagon with Falling Leaves and Kids
  • Wagon With School Kids
  • Windy


This set includes color and black/white images.

24 color images, 24 black/white images, PNG and JPG formats

  • 2 Kids Blank Sign
  • ABC Boy
  • Apple with Worm
  • Blank Sign with Three Kids
  • Books (2 kids)
  • First Day (Girl with Balloon)
  • Flower For My Teacher
  • Getting Ready (Brush Teeth)
  • Graduate 1
  • Graduate 2
  • I Am Ready (2 kids with lunch boxes)
  • Learning Is Fun (3 kids with paint brush, magnifying glass)
  • My Room (3 kids in front of door)
  • My World (Girl holding globe)
  • Oh Oh (Girl with popped balloon)
  • Pencil Kids (4 kids behind big pencil)
  • Ready for School
  • School Bus
  • School House
  • Stop Sign
  • Stories
  • Supplies
  • Thinking (Girl at desk)
  • Welcome Back Sign


24 Color images, 24 black/white images, PNG and JPG formats

  • This set includes color and black/white images.
  • 2 Kids (Arm in arm)
  • Birthday (2 kids with birthday crowns)
  • Blank Sign (3 kids holding a blank sign for your text)
  • Book Fair
  • Book (Child reading)
  • Books Event
  • Calling All Volunteers (Girl calling)
  • Celebrate (3 kids dressed up for a party)
  • Coming Soon
  • Dates to Remember (3 kids holding blank sign for your message)
  • Drive (3 kids holding food, gifts, items for a food drive)
  • Forgot
  • Happy Birthday (Child holding a birthday cake)
  • Join Us (5 kids in an old car)
  • Join Us (3 kids with balloons, ice cream and blank sign for your message)
  • Plan to Attend (3 kids with blank sign for your message)
  • Thank You (Girl with heart sign)
  • You Are Invited (2 kids with flowers and blank sign)
  • You Are Invited (Classroom of kids)


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