START the STORY  Printables All Year Topics
START the STORY  Printables All Year Topics
START the STORY  Printables All Year Topics

START the STORY Printables All Year Topics

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In first grade, sentences are a key focus of instruction. Who is the story about? What is the story about? Where does it take place. When? Why? Picture and word prompts encourage young writers to build sentences using subjects and verbs. Their brief compositions will describe people, places and things, events and experiences.

Every child will create a unique page based on their likes, skills and experiences. A START THE STORY page includes words and fun graphic prompts. This is followed by a FINISH THE PICTURE page. Often, after drawing, children want to add to their story. A FINISH THE STORY page is provided. Challenging vocabulary is included. Fun picture prompts make it easy for students to decode words.

START THE STORY activities can be adapted to grades K through grade 1. Children are able to respond according to their individual interests, skill and ability levels.

Sharing stories is a key component to the writing process. Children are motivated by hearing their peer’s ideas, and sharing their own. Funny stories and creative images make sharing time a highlight of the START THE STORY experience.

Included are first grade writing standards that represent benchmarks in writing proficiency for most states. 


Common Core State Standards Pages
13 Sets 3 pages per set PDF Format


Boy and Bag
Down the River
Inventing Things
Let’s Go Fly a Kite
Papers and Backpacks
Peek A Boo
Shoe House
Sitting in a Tree
Surprise Surprise
Under the Sea

Why Kids Love Them 

Open ended questions make it fun for all students, at all academic levels, to answer. 

Students can choose to write or draw (or both) their responses

Graphics and prompts so students don’t get bored
Black and white graphics to color and space to add drawings
Graphics and text can be used as creative writing prompts


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