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Awards PROMOTION_GRADUATION_RECOGNITION Editable (Karen's Kids Printables)

Awards PROMOTION_GRADUATION_RECOGNITION Editable (Karen's Kids Printables)

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Send students on to next year with unique, colorful Promotion, Graduation, Completion, and Special Awards that are sure to inspire smiles from students and their parents. 

Pdf and PowerPoint copies so you can edit the format you are most comfortable with.  


36 awards

Format:  PDF and PowerPoint

Size:  11 X 8..5

  • 10 Certificates of Completion awards with 10 different designs
  • 10 Certificates of Promotion with 10 different designs
  • 10  Certificates of Graduation with 10 different designs
  • 1    Honor Role Certificate (Row of nine kids)
  • 1   Certificate of Attendance (7 kids and school house)
  • 1 Certificate of Attendance (7 kids)
  • 1  Reaching for the Stars Recognition (Stars and 2 kids looking through telescopes)
  • 1  Special Award (7 kids across top of award)
  • 1 Special Award (5 kids painting)

The first 10 awards have the same images with different titles and colors.


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POWERPOINT SET This editable set is easy to use. Text boxes are set up and ready to type in a name, short message, signature and date. Choose your own font and font size.

PDF SET This set is ready to print and fill in by hand. Print a few awards at the beginning of the year for unexpected occasions, new students, or unexpected events.

There are 36 pages of awards.

HONOR ROLE (9 children border the bottom of the page with large banner on top.

CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDANCE (Schoolhouse and bunch of kids.)

CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDANCE 2 (7 kids’ faces and fingers hold the certificate.)

REACHING FOR THE STARS (2 children looking through telescopes and heading and stars.)

SPECIAL AWARD (9 children hold a colorful award with different sized stars.)
SPECIAL AWARD 2 (5 children are painting stars.)


There are 10 certificates in each of these groups. The designs are the same, the headings are different. 10 CERTIFICATES OF COMPLETION _ 10 CERTIFICATES OF GRADUATION _ 10 CERTIFICATES OF PROMOTION

Two GRADUATES (Kids in caps and gowns holding certificates)

Four GRADUATES (4 students holding certificates in caps and gowns)

Five KIDS HARD WORK (5 students hold a sign with the quote, “The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are, first, hard work; second, stick-to-itiveness; third, common sense.” ~Thomas A. Edison

CLASSROOM KIDS & PENCILS (7 children hold the certificate. Row of colorful pencils border.)

CLASSROOM KIDS (9 children in a row. Pencil border.)

GARDEN OF KIDS (3 children are peeking through a flower garden)

GRADUATING KIDS (Row of 6 students in caps holding a colorful sign)

KIDS ON A BENCH (6 students sitting on a bench looking at a certificate.)

KIDS PAINTING (3 students with paint brushes, paint can, and dripping paint in front of the certificate.)

KIDS AND WAGON (5 kids standing and 2 in a wagon walking up a hill, pointing at the certificate.)

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