CALENDAR SET Clipart Version (Karen's Kids Clipart)
CALENDAR SET Clipart Version (Karen's Kids Clipart)

CALENDAR SET Clipart Version (Karen's Kids Clipart)

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This 143 piece brightly colored (and black/white) clip art calendar set is perfect for annual, monthly or weekly schedules and all kinds of communications but that's not all, teachers use the calendars for students to summarize daily events, describe new learning and develop creative writing skills. Blank templates and clip art images have been added so you can create your own designs too.

Add these clip art calendars to your favorite typing program and print them out or add text, directions, schedules.  So easy, and so much fun to use!

Template Format and Description

Images will fit on 11 X 8.5 pages. Images are 300dpi and saved in PNG format. Pull into your typing program, enlarge or reduce to fit your needs. Remember to scale the images proportionally.

Annual Calendars (Full color and black/white)  (2 annual pages)

  • 1 annual page with images and text
  • 1 annual page with images only

Monthly Pages (Full color and black/white)  (14 monthly pages)

  • 12 monthly pages with images
  • 1   monthly template (blank)
  • 1   monthly template with week names

5-Day Weekly Pages (Full color and black/white) (15 5-day weekly pages)

  • 12  5-day weekly pages with images that suggest a season but, can be used any time of year
  • 1    5-day weekly page for anytime
  • 1    5-day weekly templates with week day names only
  • 1    5-day weekly template without text or images


7-Day Weekly Pages (Full color and black/white) (15   7-day weekly pages)

  • 12   7-day weekly pages with images that suggest a season but, can be used anytime of year
  • 1     7-day weekly page for anytime
  • 1     5-day weekly template with weekday names only
  • 1     5-day weekly template without text or image


Calendar Themes (Full color and 48 black/white)

Images may vary in black and white, color, weekly and monthly pages.

  • SEPT: Kids, books, numbers and letters
  • OCT: Pumpkins, scarecrow, kids
  • NOV: Cornucopia, apples, kids
  • DEC: Teddy bears, kids
  • JAN: Snowmen, kids bundled up
  • FEB: Hearts, kids holding hearts
  • MAR: Leprechaun kids, clovers, rainbow
  • APR: Colorful eggs, rain showers
  • MAY: Sunflowers, kids
  • JUN: Summer sign, boating, bugs and kids
  • JUL: Red, white, blue poppers, flag, kids
  • AUG: Sailboat and kids, umbrella, sand, sunny weather
  • Anytime: Row of all kinds of kids


Clip Art Images (49 Full color and 48 black/white)

97 clip art images to use in your blank templates

  • 3 Flowers
  • 5 Flowers
  • Apple Basket
  • Apple and Boy
  • Apples for Teacher
  • Balloons
  • Basket of Eggs
  • Big Flower
  • Blank Box and Child 1
  • Blank Box and Child 2
  • Blank Box and Child 3
  • Blank Box and Child 4
  • Blank Box and Child 5
  • Boating
  • Books
  • Cozy Snow Hat 2(Color Only)
  • Cozy Snow Hat
  • Cracked Egg
  • Decorated Eggs
  • Frog in a Pond
  • Gift
  • Gifts
  • Hat Scarf Snow
  • Hearts
  • Holly
  • Holly 1
  • Horn of Plenty
  • Lady Bug and Flower
  • Leprechaun Hat
  • Listening Boy
  • Little Frog
  • Lots of Books
  • Paper and Pencil Girl
  • Patriotic
  • Pencil Girl
  • Pilgrims
  • Pot of Gold
  • Pumpkins Three
  • Raining
  • Ready to Work
  • Row of Kids
  • Scarecrow
  • Smell the Flowers
  • Snail
  • St Patrick’s Day
  • Summer Sign
  • Teddy Bear Row
  • Teddy Bear Tumble
  • Umbrella

Teacher uses: .

  • Communicate to parents
  • Create schedules for the year, month or week
  • Post or send to parents
  • Design a word-a-day for 5 days
  • Students write their definitions
  • Share
  • Create templates that prompt students to summarize each day
  • Create templates that prompt students to summarize curriculum for that day
  • Use the weekly calendars to create math, reading, or science journals
  • Create a template for a special events (Mother’s Day)
  • Write something about the topic (Mother) each day for 5 days. This gift should make Mom smile!

Student Uses:

  • Summarize the day on weekly calendars
  • Write your goals on the weekly or monthly templates
  • Write out your schedule; homework, sports, special classes, events
  • Do 5 - 10 minute quick-writes, on any topic on weekly calendars


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Hello from Karen's Kids Studio, 
Whether you use clip art for personal use or you create products to sell WELCOME! If you are looking for kids with bandaids, untied shoes and sticky fingers you are in the right place. Karen’s Kids characters are created by Karen Frandsen, mom, grandma, teacher. I hope Karen’s Kids characters add smiles to your creations! Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have about your projects or use of Karen’s Kids images. I would be happy to call you if that is more convenient and I am sending you wishes for tons of hours of creative fun.

Karen Frandsen
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