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CLASSROOM EXPECTATIONS_RULES Bulletin Board I CAN Language (Karen's Kids Printables)

CLASSROOM EXPECTATIONS_RULES Bulletin Board I CAN Language (Karen's Kids Printables)

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Classroom Rules Posters, matching Compliment Cards, Student Self-Check form and Bulletin Board display with ‘I CAN’ statements that make it fun for kids to follow your classroom rules and expectations.  The colorful illustrations look like the kids in your classroom.   Classroom Rules Binder covers, spines and tabs will help to keep your materials organized. Choose a format (bright borders or white background) that matches your classroom colors and theme. Build community within your classroom and core values with these simple positive rules statements all kids can relate to. OVER 500 PIECES in this set.  



66 poster cards; 33 bright orders and 33 plain backgrounds.  Individual card sizes are 3 3/4 X 8 1/2 inches. There are 11 pages of Rules Poster Cards with 3 rules cards per page arranged on 8 1/2 x 11-inch pages. Cutting lines make it easy to cut the posters apart. There are plenty of cards to choose from. Use some or all of the cards.

Compliment Cards match the rule cards and also include the rule number in the bottom left corner. A ‘Student Self-Check’ form has a list of all the numbered rules. The numbers make it easy for students and teachers to locate the rules and the matching materials.


Did the kids do an especially great job listening? participating? turning in assignments? Compliment them with a COMPLIMENT CARD. 33 Compliment Cards help reinforce individual students for specific behaviors or the entire class for accomplishing the Rule/Behavior of the day/week/month. Kids love collecting them. Attach them with a ring-clamp. The images and colors on the Compliment Cards match the images and numbers on the posters.


Student Self-Check forms allow students the ability to choose a rule-goal to work on for the week/month. In the speech bubble, students use words or pictures to SHOW the rule. In the box, they write or draw things they can do to help accomplish their goal. Students evaluate and rate their own achievement using a positive Rating Scale.



Match your classroom colors or theme. Choose between bright borders or plain background Rules Poster Cards.

  • I CAN Raise My Hand
  • I CAN Ask Questions
  • I CAN Get Help
  • I CAN Use Kind Words
  • I CAN Participate
  • I CAN Be A Friend
  • I CAN Cover My Cough
  • I CAN Cover My Sneeze
  • I CAN Wash My Hands
  • I CAN Walk Inside Run Outside
  • I CAN Be Kind
  • I CAN Say ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’
  • I CAN Walk in a Line
  • I CAN Do My Best
  • I CAN Line Up Quickly
  • I CAN Follow Directions
  • I CAN Work Quietly
  • I CAN Do Not Disturb Others
  • I CAN Stay on Task
  • I CAN Hands, Feet to Myself
  • I CAN Clean Up Quickly
  • I CAN Be Respectful
  • I CAN Stay in My Place
  • I CAN Help Others
  • I CAN Take Turns
  • I CAN Listen to the Speaker
  • I CAN Be Cooperative
  • I CAN Be Positive
  • I CAN Be Responsible
  • I CAN Encourage Others
  • I CAN Say, “I’m Sorry.”
  • I CAN Use an Inside Voice Outside Voice
  • I CAN Use Manner

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