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CLIP ART TODDLER KIDS (Karen's Kids Clipart)

CLIP ART TODDLER KIDS (Karen's Kids Clipart)

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Cute, chubby-checked color and black white toddler kids clipart.  PNG format, boys and girls with different skin tones, playing, crawling, holding blank signs, walking hand in hand, and more.  Crafters, creators, scrapbookers - happy, cute, active toddlers ready to make your projects smile.

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46 PNG color images

29 PNG black white images

  • 2 Cuties With a Sign
  • Cold Weather Toddler 1
  • Cold Weather Toddler 2
  • Cold Weather Toddlers With Sign
  • Crawling 1
  • Crawling 2
  • Crawling Cutie 1a
  • Crawling Cutie 1b
  • Crawling Cutie 1c
  • Crawling Cutie 1d
  • Cute as a Button
  • Cute as a Button 2
  • Cuties With Balloons
  • Happy Baby 1a
  • Happy Baby 1b
  • Happy Baby 2a
  • Happy Baby 2b
  • Hmmmm Baby 1a
  • Hmmmm Baby 1b
  • No! 1a
  • No! 1b
  • Resting Toddler 1a
  • Resting Toddler 1b
  • Thumb 1a
  • Thumb 1b
  • Thumb 2a
  • Thumb 2b
  • Thumb and Blankie 1a
  • Thumb and Blankie 1b
  • Toddler 1a Toddler 1b
  • Toddler Buds
  • Toddler Cutie 1a
  • Toddler Cutie 1b
  • Toddler Faces
  • Toddler Friends 4
  • Toddler Friends
  • Toddler Sign 1a
  • Toddler Sign 1b
  • Toddler Sign 2a
  • Toddler Sign 2b
  • Toddler With Flower 1a
  • Toddler With Flower 1b
  • Toddler With Sign 1a
  • Toddler With Sign 1b
  • Toddlers on a Bench

Use your clipart to make puppets, cards, wall decor, party decorations, all kinds of crafts, teach, decorate, and organize.

DIY with clipart:  Karen's Kids Clipart Crafts and Creations Blog.

More clipart sets with signs: 


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