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Clipart Kids for Teaching and Decorating (Karen's Kids Clipart)

Clipart Kids for Teaching and Decorating (Karen's Kids Clipart)

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Crisp colorful kids for you to create teaching resources like worksheets, stick puppets, and games and for decorating things like bulletin boards, signs, flyers, communications, and more.

70 images: 35 bright, colorful images and 35 black and white 

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Make learning more fun and decor more delightful with Karen's Kids Clipart! Whether you're creating worksheets or whipping up projects, clipart kids bring the perfect amount of whimsical fun to your projects. And with our black-and-white images, you can turn any classroom activity into a work of art! Time to get creative!

The characters have names. This might make it easier for you to locate images:
Barefoot Dan

Barefoot Peanut
Barefoot Sam
Barefoot Tinker
Best Friend and Dan
Best Friend and Peanut
Best Friend and Sam
Best Friend and Tinker
Friend Bebe
Friend Cooper
Friend Tad
Friend Tia
Friends A
Friends B
Friends C
Hello Dan
Hello Peanut
Hello Sam
Hello Tinker
Playtime Dan 2
Playtime Dan
Playtime Peanut 2
Playtime Peanut
Playtime Sam 2
Playtime Sam
Playtime Tinker 2
Playtime Tinker
Ready and Waiting Dan
Ready and Waiting Peanut
Ready and Waiting Sam
Ready and Waiting Tinker
Row Barefoot Kids
Row Playtime Kids
Row Ready and Waiting
Row Teddy Bears
Please let me know if you have any questions about this product. I would love to hear how you used the images in your project. My email address is

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