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Clipart SCIENCE KIDS (Karen's Kids Clipart)

Clipart SCIENCE KIDS (Karen's Kids Clipart)

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Science Kids clip art includes 82 PNG images with all kinds of kids holding magnets, beakers and test tubes, kids looking through telescopes and magnifying glasses, children experimenting, balancing, and investigating and little scientists holding frogs, bugs and plants.

A variety of colorful, decorated science signs are included and can be used as headers for communications or bulletin board accents.

Use the black and white images and the full-color images for science activity pages too.


  • 45 PNG Color Images
  • 37 PNG Black/White Images 

(Highlighted text indicates the image comes in both black/white and color.)

  • Ant Study (Girl)
  • Balance and Create
  • Balance Boy
  • Balance Girl
  • Balance
  • Big Flowers (pastels)
  • Big Flowers (bright colors)
  • Boy and Worm
  • Branches of Science (2 Blk/Wht options)
  • Child Holding Science Sign
  • Closer Look 1
  • Closer Look 2
  • Earth 2 (Boy holding Earth)
  • Earth 3 (3 Children above Earth)
  • Earth (Girl Holding Earth)
  • Exciting Science (Child holding bubbling test tube)
  • Frog and Girl
  • Lab Girl Leaves
  • Levers and Things
  • Magnets
  • Magnify Bug 1
  • Magnify Bug 2
  • Magnify Bug 3
  • Measuring
  • Moon and Stars
  • Ready to Experiment (Girl with magnet in lab coat)
  • Ready to Experiment (Boy with magnet in lab coat)
  • Research (Child at lab table with beakers)
  • Science Signs (1 black/white image)
  • Rube Goldberg image (Blue Green Purple)
  • Science Sign (2 variations)
  • 7 children each holding one letter on colorful card.
  • Snail and Girl
  • Teaching Science
  • Telescope Boy
  • Telescope Girl Telescope
  • Test Tube Plant (Boy)
  • Test Tube Plant (Girl)
  • Test Tube Study
  • Test Tube
  • Worm

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