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BORDER STATIONERY Clipart All Occasion School Themes (Karen's Kids Clipart)

BORDER STATIONERY Clipart All Occasion School Themes (Karen's Kids Clipart)

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Whether you are designing colorful newsletters for your parents or black and white activity pages for your students Karen’s Kids borders and stationery ALL OCCASION SCHOOL clip art borders will help you create in magical, memorable ways.

Add giggles, whimsy and character to all your communications and teaching resources with a potpourri of creative seasonal images that border each page.

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    The advantage of clipart is that you can enlarge and reduce the images allowing you to make large signs or small items like personalized notecards. (This set also comes in a printable format with both PDF and PowerPoint editable choices. You can view it HERE.


    38 PNG Color Images
    36 PNG Black White Images
    38 JPG Color Images
    36 JPG Black White Images

    Bordered Paper Images

    2 Signs 1 child
    2 Signs 1 child Version 2
    3 Kids Sitting, Holding a Sign
    5 Kids Holding a Sign
    6 Kids Sign Holding a Sign
    Alphabet Kids A-Z
    Apples Border
    Bag of Stuff (Books, Kids & Things)
    Balloons and Kids
    Bandaid Kids Row
    BIG Hat Sign
    Big Sign 1 Child
    Big Sign 1 Child Version 2
    Books & Pencils & 3 Kids
    Books, Kids, Kids’ Art
    Bookshelf & Things to Read About
    Bugs Border
    Bunches of Kids
    Colorful Kids Holding 6 Little Signs
    Coming Soon
    Field Trip 1
    Field Trip 2
    Flowers Border and Kids Peeking
    Garden Arch
    Important Announcement
    Important 3 Kids Writing
    Kids and Sign
    Little Animals Border
    Lots of Kids Rows (Top & Bottom)
    Numbers, Letters, Things
    Pencils Border (Colorful)
    Read This (Boy and Girl)
    School Supplies & Kids
    Shoes and Laces
    Special Event (Flowers and Kids in Circle)
    Teddy Bear and Bows
    Tree Climbers

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