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Borders School Home Play Stationery Borders BIG SET (Karen's Kids Editable Printables)

Borders School Home Play Stationery Borders BIG SET (Karen's Kids Editable Printables)

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BIG SET of 53 colorful, playful EDITABLE borders, a different page for every week of the year.  These school, home, play themes will add smiles to your communications and projects.  Teachers can create projects and kids can use them too.

There is a brand new clipart set now available.  Click here to view.

Editable Borders and Stationery 

Editable stationery and borders pages are for teacher, parent and student use. Use your editable papers for:

  • creative writing
  • flyers
  • signs
  • activity pages
  • worksheets
  • all kinds of communications
  • activities

KIDS CAN TYPE ON THESE PAGES TOO: newsletters, stories, schedules, journals and more!

POWERPOINT SET When you open this set and select a page you can click on a text box and begin typing. You can delete the existing text boxes and add your own text boxes anyplace on the page. PowerPoint is a great choice when you want to choose your own font, font size, spacing, and centering options.

When you open this set and select a page you can click on an editable area and begin typing your text right away. The font and font size is set and not able to be changed.

PRINT OUT BLANK STATIONERY PAGES The stationery borders can be used the same way you use any stationery sets you might purchase in a stationery store. You can type a message in your favorite typing program, and print your message out on the stationery in this set. You can also print out the bordered pages and use them to handwrite letters, lists, signs, invitations, etc..



I hope you enjoy your stationery and borders. Please let me know if you have any questions. Happy Creating, Karen Frandsen Karen’s Kids Studio


  • 53 PowerPoint Color Pages
  • 53 PDF Color Pages

Page Themes

  • Balloons and Kids
  • Beach Treasure
  • Big Book and Kids
  • Book Stack
  • Bookend Kids
  • Bug Study
  • By the Sea
  • Celebrate with Balloons
  • Celebrate With Stars
  • Clover Wishes
  • Colorful Eggs
  • Computer Kids
  • Falling Leaves
  • Flower Patch Boy
  • Flower Patch Girl
  • Flower Patch
  • Flower Sign
  • Garden Gate
  • Girl in Clover
  • Graphs, Counters Kids
  • Heart Bouquet
  • Hearts and Angel
  • Hearts Border
  • Hooray Kids
  • Ice Cream Kids
  • Ice Cream
  • Important Message
  • Kids Stuff
  • Kids and Animals
  • Kids and Blooms
  • Kids and Things
  • Kids Helping Kids
  • Looking Ahead
  • Message Board
  • Musical Kids and Notes
  • Numbers and Kids
  • Nurse Notes On Stage
  • Pencils and Kids
  • Pirate and BeachTreasure
  • Playful Kids
  • Pumpkin Patch
  • Rainy Day Chicks
  • Red White Blue
  • Ribbits Rabbits and More
  • Science Kids
  • Snowballs
  • Sports Games Kids
  • Spring
  • Stop Look Listen
  • Teddy Bear Row
  • There’s Music in the Air
  • We’re Hard at Work

Whether you prefer ready-to-use printables or DIY clip art - Borders and Stationery makes creating easy and fun. Themed borders for every season will make your communications an eye-popping adventure for parents and students alike.


If you prefer READY to PRINT borders or if you like to create your own layouts with CLIP ART see the fun selection we have for you.

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