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November Things Clipart (Karen's Kids Clipart)

November Things Clipart (Karen's Kids Clipart)

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Leaves are falling, apples are ready to pick and the smell of pumpkin pie is in the air. November is all about family, friends, and holidays together and that’s why I created a set of November-Things clip art. Pumpkins, cornstalks, baskets of apples, and plenty of November things to decorate forms, and bulletin boards, create party favors, and even hands-on activities like stick puppets and worksheets for the little guys.  



64 Color PNG images
64 Black White PNG images
  • Apple Basket and Dan
  • Apple Basket and Gnome
  • Apple Basket and Owl
  • Apple Basket and Scarecrow
  • Apple Basket and Tad
  • Apple Basket and Turkey
  • Apple Basket
  • Apple Basket
  • Autumn Tree and Dan
  • Autumn Tree and Gnome
  • Autumn Tree and Scarecrow
  • Autumn Tree and Tad
  • Autumn Tree and Turkey
  • Autumn Tree
  • Big Pumpkin and Crow
  • Big Pumpkin and Dan
  • Big Pumpkin and Gnome
  • Big Pumpkin and Owl
  • Big Pumpkin and Scarecrow
  • Big Pumpkin and Tad
  • Big Pumpkin and Turkey
  • Big Pumpkin
  • Cornfield and Crows
  • Cornfield and Dan
  • Cornfield and Gnome
  • Cornfield and Gnome2
  • Cornfield and Scarecrow
  • Cornfield Tad November Sign
  • Cornfield Tad
  • Cornfield
  • Cornfield and Gnomes
  • November Gnome_Bear
  • November Gnome_Mag
  • November Gnome_Pete
  • Pumpkin Wagon and Crow
  • Pumpkin Wagon and Dan
  • Pumpkin Wagon and Gnome
  • Pumpkin Wagon and Scarecrow
  • Pumpkin Wagon and Tad
  • Pumpkin Wagon Turkey
  • Pumpkin Wagon
  • Pumpkin Wagon Header
  • Sign and Dan
  • Sign and Gnome
  • Sign and Scarecrow
  • Sign and Tad
  • Sign and Turkey
  • Sign November and Dan
  • Sign November and Gnome
  • Sign November and Scarecrow
  • Sign November and Tad
  • Sign November and Turkey
  • Xtras Black Bird
  • Xtras Corn Stalk 2
  • Xtras Corn Stalk
  • Xtras Dan Xtras Owl
  • Xtras Scarecrow
  • Xtras Sign Nov Blank
  • Xtras Sign Nov
  • Xtras Sign November
  • Xtras Sign November Blank
  • Xtras Tad
  • Xtras Turkey


The pictures are saved at a high resolution (300 DPI), so you can enlarge them, and reduce them and they will still be clear and crisp. 

The backgrounds are transparent so they can be layered in projects or used on colored paper. 

Please be sure that you have an application to open this file type (zip file) before downloading and/or purchasing.

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Whether you DIY with clip art or you prefer ready-to-use - WELCOME! Karen’s Kids products are decorated with with band-aids, untied shoes, and sticky fingers. Karen’s Kids products are created for teachers and parents by a mom, grandma, and teacher. I hope Karen’s Kids printables and ready-to-use will be as much fun for you to use as they are for me to create. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have about your product.

Karen Frandsen

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    Copyright ©Karen’s Kids. All rights reserved by the author/illustrator, Karen Frandsen. This product may be used by the original purchaser only. Copying for more than one person, school, organization, or classroom, and/or sharing is prohibited. 

    USE OF CLIP ART IMAGESNon-commercial (not for sale) documents created by the purchaser that include Karen’s Kids images may be distributed by the purchaser in an email or google classroom or over the Internet AS LONG AS THE SITE IS PASSWORD PROTECTED. 

    USE OF PRINTABLE PRODUCTS: Karen’s Kids Ready-to-Use, printable products may be distributed by the purchaser in an email or google classroom or over the Internet AS LONG AS THE SITE IS PASSWORD PROTECTED. 

    Karen’s Kids images MAY NOT be posted anywhere including, but not limited to, a network, modem, Internet or web page IN THEIR ORIGINAL FORMAT. Any reproduction beyond these expressed limits is strictly prohibited without the written permission of Karen’s Kids Studio.™ Please contact Karen’s Kids company for more information.

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