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Awards KIDS COLOR (Karen's Kids Editable Printables)

Awards KIDS COLOR (Karen's Kids Editable Printables)

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Kids Color Classroom Awards recognize children for all the things they do that encourage character development, friendship, and responsibility.  Students can read their awards and color the page.  

These awards are perfect for students to fill in and give to each other when they see their friends showing responsibility or being a good sport or some other behavior you encourage in your class or home. 

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Text boxes are already set up for you. Open an award and type in a name, message, signature, and date. Use the font that appears in the text boxes or choose your own font, font size, spacing, and centering options.

PDF SET This set is ready to print and use. Lines indicate areas to sign, date, and write a comment. Print a few of these awards at the beginning of the year for unexpected occasions, new students, or need-it-right-now recognition. It is easy to fill in these awards by hand.


Excellent Job
Fantastic Award
Fantastic Job
Flying High
Great Job
Guess Who’s Getting Recognized
Helpfulness Award
I Appreciate You (Flowers)
I Appreciate You (5 Kids)
Recognition for Friendship
Special Note
Super Job
Super Star
Award To A Great Friend
You Did It
You’re On Your Way
It is so handy to have some preprinted awards on hand for immediate recognition of behaviors and actions you focus on in your classroom. You can also add a classroom motto, unique quotes, or riddles to make the awards more personalized to your students.

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