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DIY Back to School Paper Doll Kids

DIY Back to School Paper Doll Kids

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Karen’s Kids DIY Magnetic Paper Kids

Get Ready for School MITZI

Prepare little learners for school with a fun cut-color-play activity. A paper doll named Mitzi and her dog and cat are ready to color and cut out. A full-color set of images is included too. Mitzi has books, an apple for the teacher, a raincoat, an umbrella, a sundress and papers to take to school. She has bows for her hair and a warm hat and jacket for her cat and dog.

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Youngsters can put Mitzi to bed with a moon overhead and a sleep mask and in the morning she can wake up to sunshine or rain. The paper dolls were prepared with Karen’s Kids Clip Art.


  • Mitzi paper doll 
  • dog 
  • cat
  • 3 outfits
  • 2 outfits with faces
  • 2 bows (made for Mitzi but they look cute on her dog and cat too)
  • umbrella
  • sweater for dog or cat
  • beanie for dog or cat
  • a large book
  • rain cloud
  • moon
  • sun
  • night time mask

(The backgrounds (wall paper, sky, grass) are NOT included in this set)

After the paper dolls are cut out, attach magnetic tape to the back of each piece. The 1” wide tape is large enough and strong enough to hold the pieces together. Craft stores like Hobby Lobby and Michael’s carry magnetic tape. Lamination makes for long-lasting paper dolls, however, the magnetic tape may not stick to the lamination permanently and will sometimes come off when removing the pieces from the magnetic surface.


A cookie sheet, whiteboard or refrigerator make perfect magnetic play areas. Kids can make backdrops and tape them to the magnetic surface. Make scenery like a bedroom wall, ocean and sand, pathways with flowers, big trees, etc. and tape them to the magnetic surface.


Store paper doll sets in large envelopes and label the envelope with the name of the set. An even better storage idea is a metal (magnetic) lunch box. The lunch box makes a fun play area too.


Have children use their paper kids to retell stories or make up their own stories and plays.

  • Mitzi’s First Day of School
  • What Mitzi Saw on Her Way to School
  • Mitzi’s New Friend
  • Mitzi Meets the Classroom Pets

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