CLASSROOM SCHEDULE KIDS CARDS examples; colorful individual images, kids holding blank signs to fill in, ready to use cards (Karen's Kids Clipart)
CLASSROOM SCHEDULE KIDS CARDS examples: colorful images with blank signs to fill in, ready to use cards (Karen's Kids Clipart)
CLASSROOM SCHEDULE KIDS CARDS examples: colorful individual clipart images (Karen's Kids Clipart)
CLASSROOM SCHEDULE KIDS CARDS examples: colorful individual clipart images (Karen's Kids Clipart)


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161 clip art images. Multicultural clip art kids participating in activities that demonstrate a specific subject or classroom activity that you might schedule during the day.

3 different sets included:

  • Kids engaged in activities (Images only).                                            Use these kids to create your own unique event or schedule cards. Create text box shapes or just use the images to make reminder notes, word cards and so much more.    Enlarge of reduce the images to fit your needs.

  • Kids plus a text box with an event or subject typed in.                     This set is ready to use.  Enlarge or reduce the images to fit your space.

  • Kids with a text box for you to fill in.                                                The text boxes are ready for you to type in your own events and subjects.  Each image can be used for multiple events/subjects.  

Also use this set for reading readiness in pre-K, K, ESL/ELL or use in first grade remediation.

Display on bulletin boards, make student sets, create matching games and so much more!

(This set also comes in a ready-to-print version: DAILY SCHEDULE CARDS.)

161 Clipart Images Enlarge or reduce any of the images to fit your spaces and projects. Overlap images to create unique and creative illustrations.

53 full color kids that demonstrate a particular activity or subject. The images are versatile and can be used for many different subjects. Use these kids to create your own word cards or activity pages. Enlarge or reduce them to fit your needs.

54 kids with rectangular boxes without text so you can type in your own scheduled events.

54 kids with rectangular boxes that include text. Topics Announcements Arrival Art Assembly Bell Work Birthday Buddies Calendar Centers Choir Church Circle Time Class Meeting Clean Up Computers Counselor


  • Announcements (child reading long note)
  • Arrival (student with papers and backpack)
  • Art (crayons, scissors, paint brushes)
  • Art 2 (student dripping paint brush, artist smock and hat)
  • Assembly ( 2 students sitting)
  • Bell Work (bell and 2 students peeking over)
  • Birthday ( child holding child-make birthday cake)
  • Buddies (2 students - one standing, one sitting)
  • Calendar (child facing a calendar)
  • Centers (child creating)
  • Choir (2 singing kids)
  • Church (kneeling, praying child)
  • Circle Time (2 children  holding a circle)
  • Class Meeting (2 seated students raising their hands)
  • Clean Up (child holding toys)
  • Computers (2 children facing a computer)
  • Counselor (child holding papers and pencil)
  • Dismissal (child with backpack filled with supplies)
  • Drama (child with boa, big hat) 
  • Field Trip (bus with kids)
  • Fire Drill (student dressed as fireperson)
  • Flag (large flag)
  • Free Choice (happy child thinking about what do choose)
  • Geography (child holding globe)
  • Gym (child hanging on pull-up bar)
  • Important Announcement (child sitting on stool making announcements)
  • Language Arts (students with paper and pencil)
  • Lunch (child looking at sandwich, fruit, veggies)
  • Math (2 students writing on board)
  • Morning Work (large sunshine)
  • Music (2 children singing)
  • Nap Time (child yawning)
  • Nurse (child-nurse with stethoscope)
  • Physical Education (child on large colorful ball)
  • Phonics (child writing vowels on board)
  • Quiet Time (child sitting quietly)
  • Reading (2 children reading)
  • Recess (child jumping rope)
  • Science (student holding worm)
  • Shared Writing (child holding large pencil and paper)
  • Sharing (child holding things they are sharing)
  • Snack Time (child holding large apple) 
  • Social Studies (explorer with spy glass in boat)
  • Special Event (large grandfather clock)
  • Special Event 2 (marching child)
  • Spelling (child with words above head)
  • Study Hall (child ready to study)
  • Surprise (child with magic wand)
  • Technology (child sitting in front of computer with sign TECHNOLOGY)
  • Walk (4 children walking)
  • Welcome (child raising hands, welcoming visitors)
  • Whole Group (4 kids arm in arm)
  • Write and Share (child sharing story

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