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Clip Art FREEbies for June (Karen's Kids Clipart)

Clip Art FREEbies for June (Karen's Kids Clipart)

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Hi Everyone, Happy Summer. The 6 illustrations in this months freebie set include 2 cuties, 6 variations.

Mix and match the kids to decorate communications, worksheets and classroom projects.  The black/white images are perfect for coloring pages and worksheets too.  Have a wonderful spring and summer! 

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

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Enlarge the images for your bulletin boards.
Use them as headers for parent communications
Make worksheets with black and white images.
Perfect on April awards and certificates
Make 'thank you' notes and cards
If you know someone who uses clipart please let them know about the monthly FREEbies. They can subscribe via the CONTACT ME button (below right).

How did you use last month's clipart? I would love to hear what you made. Add your comment below.

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