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Clip Art Summer and Kids

Clip Art Summer and Kids

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Summer clipart themes with sun, sand, swimming, beach balls, lemonade stand, summer signs, flip flops, hiking, summer reading, relaxing and kids enjoying summer.

Decorate your room, parent communications, flyers for clubs and student activity pages. Make desk labels, stationery, coupons, room accents, personalize notes and cards for friends, and create activity pages, and scrapbook pages. 


 *This product is also available in a Mega Bundle of 7 sets of summer clip art at a $20 savings.



116 digital images files

. 30 PNG Color Images

. 29 PNG Black White Images

. 29 JPG Black White Images

. 30 JPG Color Images



  • Beach Ball Bea
  • Beach Ball Bob
  • Beach Ball
  • Bug Bee
  • Bug Ladybug
  • Celebrate Summer
  • Flip Flops Blue
  • Flip Flops Yellow
  • Just Summer (sign)
  • Lemonade For SAle
  • Oh My (large sun, water and child)
  • Relaxing
  • Sign Blank 2 (Boy holding sign for your text)
  • Sign Blank  (Girl holding sign for your text)
  • Summer Adventures (3 children on a raft waving 'summer' flag)
  • Summer and kids Sign (3 children sitting on bench with summer sign)
  • Summer and Seas sign
  • Summer Buz (child with ladybug and buzzing bee)
  • Summer Hikes
  • Summer is Here Sign (3 children excited about summer)
  • Summer is here (large sun, flowers and bee)
  • Summer Kids Sign
  • Summer Reading
  • Summer Sign 2
  • Summer Sign
  • Summer Sun Sign (large sun with SUMMER text
  • Summer Sun (large sun without text)
  • Summer Things (3 children sitting on bench, eating ice cream, fishing)
  • Summer Words (4 children each holding a sign SUMMER, SUN, SAND, SWIM)
  • Sun Umbrella

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Click the images below to view the individual sets in the SUMMER MEGA BUNDLE.



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