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BULLETIN BOARD I Know My Colors Bulletin Board Set Printables

BULLETIN BOARD I Know My Colors Bulletin Board Set Printables

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Colors  bulletin board set teaches colors, color words and color combinations.  Eleven children, each dressed in a color and shades of that color, make a lively, colorful interactive bulletin board display.     

Plus and equal signs are included to show how primary colors blend to make secondary colors.  Students may arrange cards, plus and equal signs, showing how colors blend. The RED card plus the YELLOW card equals the ORANGE card.  

A bulletin board header is included.  Each letter in the header can be arranged to fit your space.  

The STUDENT CUTOUTS can be used to teach color concepts.  Students can color their characters, make puppets and share their color lesson with the rest of the class.


Downloadable and ready to print and use PDF format.

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Bulletin Board Poster Set

Header Letters C O L O R S

Red Marching Child

Blue School Child

Orange Cheering Child

Pink Princess

Brown Milkshake Drinker

Purple Sports Team Member

Green Lecturing Child

Yellow 'Thank You' Child

Black Spy Child

Gray Football Player

White Winter Child

Plus Sign

Equal Sign

Black and White Cutouts

Marching Child

School Child

Cheering Child


Milkshake Drinker

Sports Team Member

Lecturing Child

'Thank You' Child

Spy Child

Football Player

Winter Child

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