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Cutting Practice: Cut, Color, Read (Karen's Kids Editable Printables)

Cutting Practice: Cut, Color, Read (Karen's Kids Editable Printables)

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 Kids follow a cutting path to ‘find’ an item for the character on the worksheet. They cut out the item and glue it next to the character.

Students will be able to cut on a path, find and glue an item next to the character that is looking for it, write and read their name, and the name of the character on that page.

Repetitive words and sentence format will help many students read the sentence on each page. Students will build skills in:
  • hand-eye coordination
  • visual motor and perceptual skills
  • hand and finger strength
  • fine motor skills
  • writing and reading their name
  • use visual clues to read words
  • focus on and attention to task

The bottom of each worksheet can be stapled together to make a book.  Kids will be able to read their names and use context, visual clues, and repetitive sentences to read simple sentences. 

Copyright ©Karen’s Kids. All rights reserved by the author/illustrator, Karen Frandsen. This product may be used by the original purchaser only. Copying for more than one person, school, organization, or classroom, and/or sharing is prohibited. 

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