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Clip Art of Faces and Fingers (Karen's Kids Clipart)

Clip Art of Faces and Fingers (Karen's Kids Clipart)

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You can almost hear the giggles when you add these Karen's Kids cutie-pie clipart faces to your bulletin boards, calendars, activity pages, scrapbook layouts, cards, classroom projects, and crafts. 

Use the faces and fingers to hold signs, student projects and notices or anything you want people to notice.

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62 digital files
31 color PNG images
31 color JPG images
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1 Missy (Red hat, blond hair)
2 SweetPea (Purple hat, pink ribbons, brown hair)
3 GeorgiaBea (Looking down, ribbons, blond hair)
4 JellyBean (Looking up, pink ribbons black hair)
5 SallyMae (Untied ribbon, bandaid, red hair)
6 SuzyQ (Green, pink hair ties, black hair)
7 TallyTea (2 ribbons, one untied, black hair)
8 Poppy (Hair bow, black hair)
9 PickleBerry (Red hair, looking down, untied ribbon)
10 Peanut (Untied ribbons, blond hair)
11 Clover (Looking up, black hair)
12 Tinker (Looking to the side, brown hair)
13 FionaFay (Red hair, green ribbons, looking up)
14 AppleSauce (Looking down, black hair)
15 Spunky (Green ribbons, brown braids)
16 Whisper (Red hat, flowers, black hair)
17 CutiePie ( Green bows, black hair)
18 T.J. (Baseball hat, bandaid, black hair)
19 Snicker (Looking up brown hair)
20 Peek (Looking down, black hair)
21 Waldo (Green shirt, red hair)
22 Tobiah (Green hat, bandaid, black hair)
23 Hopper (Looking up, black hair)
24 Webster (Glasses, black hair)
25 Socrates (Red hair, bandaid, glasses)
26 Webb (Black hair, glasses)
27 North (Black hair)
28 Branch (Green hat, black hair)
29 Thelonious (Bandaid, black hair)
30 Washington (Blue hat, blond hair)
31 Kit (Black hair)

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