Giggle grams for lunch bags, desks or pockets
Giggle grams for lunch bags, desks or pockets

FUN STUFF Giggle Grams for Lunchboxes and Desks Printables

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Fill everyday with a giggle.  32 pages of jokes, riddles and trivia - sure to spread smiles all through the year.  These handy cards have hundreds of uses from desk grams to lunch box notes, from Pillow Messages and Pocket Notes to Breakfast Hellos.

No matter where you place them…when they are found they are sure to spread giggles. Perfect for anyone who likes sending a little extra love (and lots of laughs) to special people in their lives. Print out some extras at the beginning of the year for quick and handy rewards at a moments notice.  


Downloadable and ready to print and use

Formats:  Editable PDF and Powerpoint

Print on card stock 8.5 X 11 inches

File Type:  Compressed Zip File    File Size:  70 MB

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Giggle Grams set includes 32 printable pages. Four pages, each with 6 different joke cards; 24 pages, each page with a set of the same six cards; four pages with 6 different editable cards for you to type your own jokes, riddles, comments or trivia.

Pages with 6 different cards.

These pages work well if you want to print bunches of different Giggle Grams.

Page A_GiggleGrams_Variety

. Bright Kids
. What did you learn today
. End of the line
. Straight A’s
. Teacher’s eyes
. Tallest Building

Page B_GiggleGrams_Variety

. Band Stand
. Dog called Frost
. Worm in apple
. What time is it
. What’s hard to catch
. Pilgrims

Page C_GiggleGrams_Variety

. What is green
. Can’t sleep in my class
. Zzub, zzub . Chew, chew
. Computer spider
. Pull yourself together
Page D_GiggleGrams_Variety
. Computer sneeze
. Sun
. Alabama
. Bees go to school
. Multiplication
. Talking dinosaur

These pages work well if you want 6 or more of the same card.

Page 5_ALABAMA (6 Cards/Same Design)
Page 6_BAND PAGE (6 Cards/Same Design)
Page 7_BEES BUZZ PAGE (6 Cards/Same Design)
Page 8_BREATH PAGE (6 Cards/Same Design)
Page 9_BUZZ - ZZUB, ZZUB (6 Cards/Same Design)
Page 10_CHEW, CHEW (6 Cards/Same Design)
Page 11_CURTAINS (6 Cards/Same Design)
Page12_DOG NAMED FROST (6 Cards/Same Design)
Page 13_ELEPHANT (6 Cards/Same Design)
Page 14_RULER STRAIGHT A’S (6 Cards/Same Design)
Page 15_TEACHER’S EYES (6 Cards/Same Design)
Page 16_END OF LINE (6 Cards/Same Design)
Page 17_WHAT IS GREEN (6 Cards/Same Design)
Page 18_WHAT DID YOU LEARN TODAY (6 Cards/Same Design)
Page 19_CAN’T SLEEP IN CLASS (6 Cards/Same Design)
Page 20_TALKING DINOSAUR (6 Cards/Same Design)
Page 21_SUN (6 Cards/Same Design)
Page 22_MULTIPLICATION (6 Cards/Same Design)
Page 23_TALLEST BUILDING (6 Cards/Same Design)
Page 24_COMPUTER SPIDER (6 Cards/Same Design)
Page 25_SUNGLASSES (6 Cards/Same Design)
Page 26_WORM (6 Cards/Same Design)
Page 27_COMPUTER SNEEZE (6 Cards/Same Design)
Page 28_PILGRIMS (6 Cards/Same Design)


Variety Page 1

Marching Band
4 Kids
Alphabet Kids
Exercising Kids
6 Kids on a Bench
6 Kids

Variety Page 2

8 Kids Holding Sign
6 Kids Holding Sign
5 Kids Standing
2 Kids Holding Sign
7 Kids Watching
School House

Variety Page 3

Kids in Wagon
Kids Holding Blank Note
1,2,3 Kids

Variety Page 4

7 Kids Birthday Cake
5 Kids Holding Notes
4 Kids
Alphabet Kids
Kids on a Bench

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