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Fundraiser Kit SCHOOL SPIRIT GRAMS (Karen's Kids Editable Printables)

Fundraiser Kit SCHOOL SPIRIT GRAMS (Karen's Kids Editable Printables)

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Promote SCHOOL SPIRIT and sense of community with this fun activity.  A perfect kit for a small fundraiser for your school or daycare center! Kit includes 8 different School Spirit Grams (in black and white, for kids to color), a procedure guide and coordinator duties, one sheet of quarter-page reminder flyers and two full page flyers, one in full color and the other in black and white. These can all be customized with the dates of your event.  School Spirit stationery is included so you can create letters, signs or posters announcing the event.

 What child wouldn't love to send a special compliment to their friends, teachers, principal or volunteers? And what parent wouldn't want to surprise their child with a special recognition gram?

 SAVE  and RAISE FUNDS ALL YEAR with the 6-set BUNDLE.

Tips and tricks are provided, all you need to do is purchase the supplies and line up some volunteers. A fun and simple way to earn a little extra money for your programs.


Downloadable printable

Formats:  PDF and Editable PowerPoint

Add text boxes to the PowerPoint pages in the editable spaces. (Images are not editable.)

  • 2 full color flyer-pages  (one with pricing, one without)
  • 2 blk/wht flyer-pages  (one with pricing, one without)
  • 2 pages with 4 cards with Grams Coming Soon message (one with pricing, one without)
  • 2 pages of TO/FROM cards with 8 different designs
  • 2 stationery pages blk/wht and color for flyers letters or signs
  • Procedures Guide and Gram Duties

Why Teachers Use Them

Easy fundraising project that involves students 

This project is a great way to recognize people in care facilities and hospitals

Easy to follow volunteer guidelines

I can use this kit year after year

Fun and easy

Purchase once and use forever

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