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Clipart November_Thanksgiving Kids 3 (Karen's Kids Clipart)

Clipart November_Thanksgiving Kids 3 (Karen's Kids Clipart)

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This 108-piece clipart set includes kids dressed in 1600s costumes*, colorful leaves, pumpkins, and all kinds of November images to decorate your room, embellish communications and use in DIY projects. to help decorate forms and bulletin boards with  November and Thanksgiving Clipart both full color and black and white images. 

*NOTE:  November and especially Thanksgiving is such a great time for '...sharing, caring, and working together...' (Karen's Kids Motto).  Our classroom Thanksgiving 'meal' was a time of learning and sharing projects about early America and what we are thankful for.  Kids made costumes, wrote stories, and performed skits for parents and friends.  I was so fortunate to have so many different races and cultures in my classrooms and in my family as well.  Hair color, size, skin color, skills, traits, features, talents, language, tears, giggles...Karen's Kids images (my drawings) are inspired by these unique heaven-sent little guys.

The images in this set are not meant to represent the ACTUAL Pilgrims, nor the Native Americans of the 1600s.  They are images that are meant to represent ALL the kids that might be in your classroom, and/or home,  and can be used by teachers and parents for announcing celebrations, decorating worksheets and activities, and creating crafts and DIY projects at home and/or school.

108 Images (PNG 300 DPI)

  • 62 PNG Color Images
  • 46 PNG Black White Images

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