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Color Activity Book for April 3rd-5th (Printable)

Color Activity Book for April 3rd-5th (Printable)

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A 17,636-pound chocolate egg that is taller than a house!!!...Believe it or not - it is true.  Design an egg invention, find out about National Pigs in a Blanket Day, give your opinion, draw pictures and more in April's color-activity book.


Fun seasonal-themed illustrations for students to color plus creative writing-drawing prompts that inspire imaginative responses. Children learn about the seasons, weather, and some of the celebrations occurring in that month. As students work through the book they will be participating in multiple subjects that include some, or all, of the following: science, math, literature, writing, art, and invention.

Monthly creative Color Books are perfect for early finishers, indoor recess, substitute activities, monthly-themed parties/celebrations, and more.

Attach the cover and the pages to make individual books so students can work on their own, or print individual pages to fit your schedule.

Every page includes images to color and prompts to guide students in creative responses.  Often students can choose to write, illustrate or both. 

  • Colors of the Month (Color the images
  • Add more pictures, words and colors.)
  • Month’s Beginnings (Facts about the month
  • Describe the month with words and pictures.)
  • Word Play (Create an acrostic or add words that represent the month’s sounds, tastes sights.)
  • Monthly Celebrations (Use words/pictures to describe these events.)
  • Idiom/Quote (Use the space to show what the quote/idiom means to you.)
  • Believe It or Not (Create your own unbelievable event.)
  • Invitation (It’s time to celebrate the month. Design a poster/sign inviting people to the celebration.)
  • Inventor’s Page (Use the shape to invent something wonderful.)
  • Invention Description (Describe your invention using the prompts provided.)
  • Extra, Extra Read All About It (Using information from previous activities, create a newspaper.)
  • Newspaper guidelines (Suggestions and ideas for creating the newspaper.)
Age Range
The coloring book activities were written for grades 3-5. Students at this level may be able to work independently.

ESL and Beginning Readers 
Adults or older students can support ESL students by helping to read the comments and prompts and helping and guiding students in writing responses.


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    Why Kids Love Them 

    • Open-ended questions make it fun for all students, at all academic levels, to answer. 
    • Students can choose to write or draw (or both) their responses
    • Graphics and prompts so students don’t get bored
    • Black and white graphics to color and space to add drawings
    • Graphics and text can be used as creative writing prompts


    How Do You Receive Your Products

    Once a download is purchased, you will receive an email with a link to your product.

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