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BORDERS Editable WELCOME SPRING Borders (Karen's Kids Editable Printables)

BORDERS Editable WELCOME SPRING Borders (Karen's Kids Editable Printables)

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Spring showers, colorful flowers, and cute school kids announce spring on 88 colorful spring-themed borders and stationery pages. Open either the PDF or the PowerPoint pages, type your messages, make your worksheets, type your letters, awards, or any communication, and then print as many as you need.



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OR print out the pages first and students can use the pages for creative writing, taking notes, or other spring writing projects. Your flyers, activity pages, letters, and projects are sure to generate smiles.

88 pages of WELCOME SPRING borders and stationery

44 pages with text

44 pages without text


PDF and PowerPoint sets

PAGE TITLES (With Text Set and Without Text Set)

3 Kids and Flowers
3 Kids Walking in the Rain
4 Kids Signs 1
4 Kids Signs 2
4 Umbrella Kids
Flower Cart_Max
Flower Cart_Peanut
Flower Cart_Sam
Friends and Flowers Friends
Hello Spring Kids
Looking Ahead_Max
Rain Boots Hats
Rain Boots
Showers and Spring Flowers
Showers Kids
Showers Snail
Showers Walk
Smell the Flowers_Dan
Smell the Flowers_Lala
Smell the Flowers_Sam
Spring Bouquet_Lala
Spring Bouquet_Tinker
Spring Bouquet_Dan
Spring Bouquet_Mag
Spring Bouquet_Peanut
Spring Bouquet_Sam
Spring Flowers Kids
Spring Flowers
Spring is Here_Peanut
Spring Rain Boots
Spring Walk_Peanut
Spring Walk_Sam
Umbrellas Boots
Umbrellas Row 2
Umbrellas Row
Waiting for Spring
Welcome Spring Kids
Welcome Spring_Lala_Tinker
Windy Day Umbrellas_Peanut
Windy Day Umbrellas
If you like to DIY, you might like Karen's Kids Clip Art calendar versions. Clipart makes it easy to create your own projects stationery, awards, creative writing pages, journal books, and more.

A favorite with parents is the CLASSROOM QUOTES newsletter. Record kids' quotes about what they learned at the end of each day. At the end of the week type up some of the quotes using bordered paper and send them home. Post a copy on a DID YOU KNOW or WHAT WE LEARNED bulletin board. Lots of giggles from parents and visitors.

KIDS CAN TYPE ON THESE PAGES TOO: newsletters, stories, schedules, journals and more!

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