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February Stationery FREEBIE (Karen's Kids Printables)

February Stationery FREEBIE (Karen's Kids Printables)

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Try this fun February Stationery for your parent communications, and colorful worksheets.


Clipart HEADERS and BORDERS make creating your own stationery a cinch!

Create your own activity pages with Karen's Kids Headers and Karen's Kids Borders and Stationery.  Whether you are creating colorful newsletters for your parents or black and white activity pages for your students, Karen’s Kids headers, and Karen's Kids borders and stationery clipart will help you create in magical, memorable ways.  If you prefer editable READY-TO-USE borders or if you like to create your own layouts with CLIP ART see the fun selection we have for you. 

Hello and Welcome,

Whether you DIY with clip art or you prefer ready to use - WELCOME! Karen’s Kids products are decorated with with band-aids, untied shoes, and sticky fingers. Karen’s Kids products are created for teachers and parents by a mom, grandma, and teacher. I hope Karen’s Kids printables and ready-to-use will be as much fun for you to use as they are for me to create. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have about your product.

Karen Frandsen

Karen’s Kids Studio




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